We offer a wide variety of safety colors to choose from. The Polished bar with pre-travel adjustment screw, allows the user to reduce the excess slop or travel, associated with the stock Glock triggers. Pre-travel is the travel the trigger takes before the break or release of the firing pin. Our DUTY CARRY triggers will NOT have the pre travel adjustment screw. DUTY CARRY triggers will have the same pre travel as the stock Glock trigger.



This is our most popular modification we offer. This mod is great if you shoot a lot. What we do is we hand contour the safety tab so that it sits flush with the trigger shoe when depressed. With this option you will be able to shoot more with less soreness on your trigger finger. Check out the video below to see more of what the “ENHANCED” trigger is about.


The OVER TRAVEL ELIMINATOR is an OEM Glock trigger housing that we custom modify with an adjustable set screw. The OVER TRAVEL ELIMINATOR will allow the user to remove all the wasted movement after the firing pin has been released. Over Travel is the rearward movement of the trigger after the point of the release of the hammer/striker. It can hinder your follow thru in target shooting. If you like to shoot fast, this will help with shorter trigger resets.



Out of the box, the stock Glock trigger with a stock Glock connector will give you an average trigger pull of about 5.5LBS-6.5LBS. If you would like a lighter trigger pull, upgrading the connector is an integral part to achieve a lighter trigger pull.

The connectors we offer are as follows.

The Ghost Edge connector will not give you a distinct wall or bump that you feel when you pull the trigger. The Ghost Edge was designed to remove that wall or bump in the trigger pull. The Ghost Edge will reduce the trigger pull as well.

                             (GHOST EDGE)

The ZEV PRO connector and Ghost Ultimate connector will have the distinct wall just like an oem Glock connector, however the trigger pull will be lighter.

        (ZEV PRO)           (GHOST ULTIMATE)


Tuning spring pack is designed to help tune (lighter) trigger pull and function in competition Glock pistols. Included in this pack are 1 each of the 4, 4.5, and 5 lbs. reduced power striker springs, 1 each extra power trigger spring and 1 each reduced power safety block plunger spring.

Self Defense / EDC springs is designed to eliminate light primer strikes. For self-defense and every day carry. Included in this pack 1 each 6LB. hard hitting striker spring, 1 each extra power trigger spring and 1 each reduced power safety block plunger spring. Make note that using a 6LB trigger will make the trigger pull heavier. 



Original Glock half orange slide cover plate is a must have to do a complete armorers inspection. Used to check trigger linkage cruciform contact with firing pin. We recommend the orange half plate when installing the Over Travel Eliminator. If you happen to over adjust the Over Travel Eliminator, with the orange half plate, you will have access to manually release the firing pin so that you can remove the slide easily.


To ensure a smoother trigger pull, we highly recommend using high quality gun oil with all trigger parts.

Your choice of a SMOOTH or GROOVED trigger shoe. (Not available on some models.)


Frequently Asked Questions:  

Do you take custom colors?
What is the trigger pull weight on the triggers?
What is the difference between an OC Trigger and a stock one?
Why won't my trigger reset?
Can I send you my gun to have the trigger installed?
Does this trigger reduce over-travel?
Is reducing over-travel important?
Do you have a Dealer Program?

Do you ship outside the USA?


Q:  Do you take custom colors?

A:  Unfortunately not at this time.


Q:  What is the trigger pull weight on the triggers?

A:  Changing the trigger alone will not reduce the trigger pull weight. You will need to change your connector and trigger springs to reduce trigger pull weight.


Q:  What is the difference between a OC Triggers and a stock one? 

A:  The OC Custom Trigger will greatly reduce the "SLOP" associated with stock Glock triggers. The OC Custom Trigger will make the trigger pull smoother and crisper by reducing the extra travel before the trigger break.


Q: Why won't my  trigger reset?

A: The OC Custom Trigger is tested to work with GLOCK OEM connectors. Upgrading with aftermarket connectors may require fitting and tuning by a qualified gunsmith or Glock Armorer. DO NOT RUN YOUR TRIGGER SYSTEM DRY! ALWAYS USE HIGH QUALITY GUN LUBE OR OIL IN YOUR CUSTOM TRIGGER SYSTEM (e.i. TRIGGER BAR AND CONNECTOR). IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!


Q: Can I send you my gun to have the trigger installed?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer gunsmithing services. Go to a professional gunsmith to properly fit and install the trigger.  


Q: Does this trigger reduce over-travel?

A: This OC Custom Trigger will greatly reduce pre travel only. Our "OVERTRAVEL ELIMINATOR"will greatly reduce and eliminate the overtravel.


Q: Is reducing over-travel important?

A: In competition shooting, reducing over-travel will shorten trigger reset which will improve your overall time.


Q: Do you have a Dealer Program?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a Dealers program at this time.


Q: Do you ship outside the USA?

A: At this time, OC CUSTOM TRIGGERS ships merchandise to locations within the United States and U.S. territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. OC Custom Triggers does not ship outside the United States. Our products are ITAR regulated and we only ship to addresses inside the United States.


Q: Do you have a storefront?

A: We accept online orders only at this time.